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Valley Forge

US Premium Parade/Indoor US Flag, PH with fringe

US Premium Parade/Indoor US Flag, PH with fringe

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Indoor/Parade US Flag, PH with fringe. Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes. Flag Only, (Oak pole, Gold base, tassel, topper and accessories not included. You may purchase separately on website and in store). We Carry Valley Forge, Eder, Flag Zone, Annin and Flag Source. Made in the USA!

United States flag with a gold fringe attached around its edges. The term "PH" is not a standard abbreviation used in flag terminology but is commonly interpreted as "Presidential" or "Parade Hem," or "Pole Hem" signifying a flag that is often associated with formal or ceremonial settings. Flags with gold fringe are often used in official and formal events, such as government and military ceremonies, courtrooms, and parades.

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