Flag Flying Holidays

We recommend you fly your flag everyday.  But below is a list of special days to display your flag.


The US flag may be   flown every day, especially on these Holidays:

January 1st New Year’s Day

3rd Monday in January Martin Luther King’s Day

January 20th Inauguration Day

February 12th Lincoln’s Birthday

3rd Monday in February 

February 22: Washington’s Birthday

Easter Sunday

April 6th: Army Day

3rd Saturday in May: Armed Forces Day

Last Monday in May: Memorial Day

May 30th: Memorial Day- Traditional

May 8th V-E Day

2nd Sunday in May: Mother’s Day

May 15th: Peace Officers Memorial Day

June 14th: Flag Day

3rd Sunday in June: Father’s Day

June 14th: Flag Day

July 4th: Independence Day

August 7th: Purple Heart Day

August 14th: V-J Day

August 19th: National Aviation Day

September 3rdFriday POW-MIA Recognition Day

First Monday in September: Labor Day

September 11th: Patriots Day

September 17th: Constitution Day

October 27th: Navy Day

10 November USMC Birthday

4th Thursday in November: Thanksgiving Day

December 7th: Pearl Harbor Day

December 25th: Christmas Day