Flag Repair and Flag Care

Did you know that large flags can be repaired?  We repair flags 6’x10’ and larger.  If the colors of your flag are good and only the end is tattered, we can trim the end, re-hem and sew it with heavy duty Bonded Polyester Thread



                           Flag Care Suggestions



Caring for your flag:

Outdoor Flags:

Outdoor flags may be cleaned in a mild detergent, then hang dry. If fray edges are noted, you may cut the fray from the flag and rehem the flag to extend the life of the flag. Removing flag during storms with rain and extremely high winds will help the life of the flag. Flags are meant to fly in the wind, but strong winds and rain can damage flags. 

Indoor Flag:

When using your indoor flags for outdoor events remember: Try to avoid Direct sunlight on indoor flags for significant amount of time as fading may occur. 

If your indoor flag becomes soiled, they should be dry cleaned. If your indoor flag becomes wet, you should hang flag up until completely dry and always be sure flag is completely dry prior to storage. 


Keep it looking good!   Contact us to repair your tattered flag

Make your investment in your flag last longer

Flag Repair, With the ever increasing price of flags, making them last as long as possible is even more important.  As soon as you see the upper edge of the fly end starting to fray, that is the time to take it down and get it repaired.   If you let it rip too far back, too much will have to be cut off and it won’t look right. 

Be sure to read our section on Flag Care to prolong the life of your flag


Average repair prices

Normal Repair
6’x10’ $25

8’x12’ $30

10’x15’ $40

12’x18’ $45

15’x25’ $65

20’x30’ $80

20'x38' $100

Keep a spare on hand

Repair time can take time, so we advise you to have a spare flag. That way you can rotate them and fly one while the other is being repaired!

Contact us for more information

We will need to know:

Size of flag

Type of material

Has it been repaired before

Picture of damage


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