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Concord American

Concord American Flagpole Estate Series, In Stock

Concord American Flagpole Estate Series, In Stock

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The "Concord American Flagpole Estate Series, External Single Stationary - Rope Halyard" Here's a breakdown of its key features and characteristics:

  1. Brand and Series: The flagpole is part of the "Concord American Flagpole Estate Series." Concord American Flagpole is the manufacturer of flagpoles.

  2. Design Type: This particular flagpole is described as "External Single Stationary."  is a fixed, non-adjustable flagpole that is installed externally, typically in a permanent location.

  3. Flagpole Material: The material used for the construction of the flagpole is  aluminum, The choice of material can affect factors like durability and maintenance.

  4. Halyard Type: The flagpole features a "Rope Halyard" system. This means that the American flag is raised and lowered using a rope and pulley system. Rope halyard systems are a traditional and common method for hoisting flags.

  5. Installation: As an "External Single Stationary" flagpole, is intended for permanent installation. This will involve digging a hole and setting the flagpole securely in the ground using concrete or another suitable anchoring method.

  6. Flag Size: The flagpole's specifications may include information about the recommended flag size and proportions for optimal display. It's important to choose an appropriately sized flag for the flagpole.

  7. Accessories: flagpole finial (top ornament), cleats for securing the halyard, and a ground sleeve for installation.

  8. Height: The height of the flagpole may vary depending on the specific model and the intended use. Flagpoles come in various heights, and taller flagpoles are often used for more prominent displays.

  9. Maintenance: Proper maintenance is important to ensure the longevity and appearance of the flagpole. Regular inspections and cleaning may be required to keep it in good condition.

  10. Flag: While the flagpole is described in detail, the American flag itself is typically not included and must be purchased separately. It's important to select a high-quality American flag made from durable materials.

Overall, the Concord American Flagpole Estate Series, External Single Stationary - Rope Halyard is a type of fixed flagpole designed for proudly displaying the American flag. It is important to consider factors such as material, height, installation, and maintenance when selecting and installing a flagpole of this type. Additionally, following proper flag etiquette and care guidelines is essential to maintain the flag's appearance and respect its symbolism.

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