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Cross, Annin Passion Metal Church Cross, Oak pole topper

Cross, Annin Passion Metal Church Cross, Oak pole topper

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7 1/2 Passion Metal Cross with Ferrule Gold, Oak pole topper

The "7 1/2 Annin Passion Metal Church Cross, Oak pole topper" a cross and pole topper used in a church or religious context. Here's a breakdown of the key features and components of this product:

  1. Size: The cross itself measures 7 1/2 inches in height. This size is suitable for various applications, including church interiors, processions, or other religious displays.

  2. Manufacturer: Annin is a company known for producing flags, flag-related products, and other items related to patriotism and religious symbolism. In this case, they have created a metal church cross.

  3. Material: The cross is made of metal. Metal crosses are common in religious settings because they are durable and often have an ornate or decorative design.

  4. Design: The "Passion" design likely incorporates elements that symbolize the Passion of Jesus Christ, including the crucifixion and resurrection. The specific design details may vary, but it generally represents the central story of Christianity.

  5. Pole Topper: pole topper cross is intended to be placed on top of a wooden pole or staff, typically made of oak. The oak pole serves as a support structure for the cross, allowing it to be displayed prominently.

  6. Usage: A metal church cross like this one is commonly used in churches, chapels, and other religious settings. It can be placed on the altar, carried in processions, or used as a decorative element during religious ceremonies and events.

  7. Symbolism: The cross is a powerful and central symbol in Christianity, representing the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It serves as a reminder of the Christian faith, sacrifice, and hope.

  8. Maintenance: Metal crosses are generally easy to maintain. Regular cleaning and polishing may be necessary to preserve the cross's appearance and prevent tarnishing or rust.

A metal church cross like the "7 1/2 Annin Passion Metal Church Cross, Oak pole topper" is an important religious symbol in Christian worship. 

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