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Eder Flags

Banner Patriotic Full Fan , 5 stripes with Stars 3’x6’

Banner Patriotic Full Fan , 5 stripes with Stars 3’x6’

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3'x6' Full Fan Patriotic banner, Cotton, pleated with stars stripes, fully printed.

"Eder 3'x6' Full Fan, 5 stripes with Stars" decorative bunting. 

  1. Manufacturer: Eder is a company known for producing flags, flag accessories, and other decorative items.

  2. Size: The fan banner is 3 feet in height and 6 feet in length (3'x6'). This size is commonly used for decorative flags and banners.

  3. Full Fan Design: A "Full Fan" typically refers to a style of flag or bunting that is designed to resemble a half-circle when hung, creating a visually pleasing and decorative effect. This type of design is often used for special occasions, events, and patriotic displays.

  4. Stripes: The flag has five stripes. In the context of a U.S. flag or patriotic-themed flag, five stripes typically represent the red and white stripes of the American flag. These stripes are usually arranged horizontally.

  5. Stars:  Incorporates a field of stars, which is a common feature of U.S. flags and other patriotic flags. The stars are arranged in a blue field, and the number of stars may vary depending on the specific design.

  6. Purpose: Flags with this design are often used for patriotic events, holidays, parades, and other special occasions to show national pride and celebrate American heritage.

  7. Materials: These materials are known for their resistance to weather and fading.  

  8. Usage: This type of flag or bunting is commonly used for decorative purposes, particularly in patriotic and festive settings. It can be hung along streets, on buildings, during parades, or at events to create a colorful and celebratory atmosphere.

  9. Maintenance: To maintain the flag's appearance and longevity, it may require periodic cleaning and proper storage when not in use, especially if it is exposed to outdoor conditions.

Eder's Full Fan, 5 stripes with Stars flag is designed to be a visually striking and patriotic decoration for various events and occasions. The design and use of such flags can vary, but they are generally intended to celebrate and display national pride in a decorative and festive manner.

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