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Flagpole rings, Plastic 3/4”

Flagpole rings, Plastic 3/4”

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3/4 Flagpole rings, Plastic for house flagpole, SET OF 2

This is a replacement for the rings that hold your flag to the pole. This will work on a 3/4" spinner pole or stationery Pole. 

 Size: The "3/4-inch" measurement typically refers to the inner diameter of the rings. This means that the rings are designed to fit flagpoles with a 3/4-inch diameter. It's important to choose flagpole rings that match the diameter of your flagpole for a secure fit.

 Material: plastic, 

Attachment: To use flagpole rings slide them onto the flagpole before attaching the flag. Once in place, the rings can be attached to the flag's grommets. 

Number of Rings: The number of rings needed depends on the type of flag and how it is to be displayed. Most flags have grommets on the hoist edge, which can be attached to flagpole rings. If you have a single flag, you may need two rings—one for the top and one for the bottom grommet. For multiple flags on the same pole, you may need additional rings.

Usage: Flagpole rings are commonly used for residential flagpoles and other flag displays. They provide a secure and flexible method for hoisting and displaying flags.

Maintenance: Like other flag accessories, flagpole rings may require periodic maintenance to ensure they function correctly. 

When purchasing flagpole rings, be sure to consider the material, size, and quantity needed for your specific flag and flagpole setup. Properly installed flagpole rings help keep the flag securely attached to the pole.

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